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More Snobbery

Tom Elia at The New Editor sends word about this post by Cenk Uygur (The Ugly Truth: Our President is an Imbecile) as more proof of liberal snobbery and condescension. Check Elia's post to see the highbrow quality of some of the HuffPo comments....

Meanwhile, here are a few treats from the mailbag regarding my post this morning. Be warned: there's a bit of rough language below the jump.....

Tom - I'll make sure I don't sit opposite you in restaurant. I think most Americans can tell the difference between snobbishness and cloddishness. When I went to school good table manners were considered one of the marks of a gentleman, a perhaps alien concept at RCP.


I've always loathed Conason, and always regarded him as a lightweight version of Carville, Begala, or Blumenthal.

I suppose that he regarded John Kerry's 2004 campaign reference to how Bush "f****d up" as truly authentic and spontaneous. Tell it like it is, Joe, and get down with The People!


Dearest Tom,

I'm no snob, but watching MissionAccomplished chewing with his mouth open and talking through his breakfast made me cringe. Maybe he should come back down here to Texas and chop some cedar. He could walk around the ranch all day with his mouth open and nobody would give it a thought.

And as far as snobbery goes, try checking out the Republican Right's sense of moral superiority when you have a couple of free decades. Talk about condescension. Because I'm not some Tom-Delay-trailer-trash-in-a-suit who attends a "mega-church," I'm destined for extinction at the Second Coming. Glory Hallelujah, nothing but Christ-like humility among God's elect down in Sugarland.

For a guy who's supposed to be "real clear" about politics, you exhibit all the symptoms of having a head full of s***. Maybe it's a issue you could take up with your pastor.


Hello Tom -

I'm a fifty-five year old lawyer in Atlanta. Please add to your list Franklin Foer of the New Republic. I made a point of saving his September, 2004 review in the NYT (of course) of "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer," written by one Warren St. John, who spent a season hanging out with fans of the University of Alabama football team and wrote about the experience.

The review just oozes the elitist scorn and condescension you note. Consider the opening line: "If you reside in the spiritual heartland of blue-state America, the Great Northeast, then you probably regard college football as a phenomenon in the same class as Wal-Mart and evangelical Christianity."

One of the fans described in the book Foer calls "a bumpkin who made a small fortune selling ice." Others are dismissed as "unabashed rednecks," i.e., they're rednecks and they're not even embarrassed about it.

And Democrats wonder why they can't carry a southern state.


While I agree that Chait and Conason are clearly taking a cheap-shots in their respective columns, to dismiss the facts stated in those same paragraphs you cite as "liberal snobbery" is equally ridiculous. I love how you hide behind the people of the South....as if they would somehow they feel proud of having a President who traveled once outside of the country before being elected (despite being wealthy) and who (unlike Blair) is completely incapable of making an appearance in which he doesn't seem disinterested, aloof, unserious, and lacking the gravitas of a statesman.

I clearly acknowledge that is NOT the case when Bush speaks about Iraq, a subject for which he clearly has a passion for. Unfortunately, there are other crises in the world, and he just simply appears (whether he actually is we'll know soon) overwhelmed by their complexity. Complex problems (like brain surgery and Middle East diplomacy), unfortunatley, do require individuals with a certain intellectual aptitude (see Condi Rice). Can you fathom Condi Rice behaving like Bush did this week? Didn't think so.


You are so completely right. The fact that Chait thinks "our"/Bush's intellectual and moral inferiority is just as obvious as how much he sucks at basketball is truly revealing...


Re the Conason article: You must be kidding. To call Bush a dimwit is 'being out of touch,' 'elitist?' The accusation is preposterous. And the criticism is far too pervasive for Conason to be singled out as deserving awards or recognition. On the other hand, you're the type of Rotarian source material that helped Sinclair Lewis win the Nobel Prize.