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More Muthanna

On Monday I mentioned the importance of the impending transfer of security in the Iraqi province of Muthanna. The transfer officially took place today.

Here's a snippet of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's prepared remarks for the ceremony, focusing on the importance of success:

God forbid, if any failure in this experience occurs, I think this will lead to a big catastrophe and disappointment, which may affect all the process which we pursue in order to complete the full handover of security. This step requires the maximum state of harmony and cooperation between the governing officials and civil society organizations, with the tribes, clerics and all communities. You should work from now on to unite the lines and find an environment which results in leading to the success of this step.

Be aware that those who want vandalism, and who want to prevent security handover and success of political experience and Iraqi national unity, will spare no effort to undermine this step. Yet, by your will, integration, patience and attention, God willing, we will embrace this step and cut the hands which want to vandalize this area, which will be an important turning point in the history of Iraq.

Keep your eye on what happens in Muthanna.