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Mitt's Big Dig

Amy Goldstein of the Washington Post provides an answer to my question from the other day about Mitt Romney's handling of the Big Dig fiasco/tragedy:

In the nine days since a woman was killed in a Big Dig tunnel by concrete ceiling panels that broke loose and crashed onto her car, Massachusetts's governor has projected the image of a take-charge chief executive.

A reader email confirms:

I think the piece by Adam Reilly is just a bit of wishful thinking by one of Massachusetts' many disguntled liberals. I think you are on the mark with your observation that the story works to Romney's advantage. His press conferences since he took charge have been great -- a demonstration of real leadership. No one really faults him for not getting rid of Amorello. The statehouse is full up wall-to-wall with Democratic hacks. They protect their own and Amorello is a hack from way back. Everyone in the state knows it. In fact, it looks like it will, sadly, take a death to finally dislodge Fat Matt from his perch. The 900 pound gorilla of Boston talk radio, Howie Carr, remains a steadfast Mitt supporter. Mitt's presidential ambitions will only be enhanced by this episode.