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Lieberman's 'Predicament'

Apparently, Ned Lamont supporters think the upcoming visit by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is a big problem for Joe Lieberman.

According to the Hartford Courant:

Even if the senator skips the speech, Lamont's backers are delighted by Lieberman's predicament just two weeks before the primary.

"If he stays away, it will appear he's running from his record," Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan said. "If he goes, he'll remind people he's George Bush's biggest Senate cheerleader."

Well, sure, that's a nice spin for the Lamont folks. But what exactly is the real predicament? Of course Lieberman should go and show support for the new Iraqi government. Even people who opposed the war should be rooting for this government to get on its feet.

Of course, I know this is complicated for the netroots folks -- hoping for American victory even if one doesn't like the Bush administration -- but to normal people it's pretty simple.