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Krauthammer on NYC Plot, the Press and No Attacks Since 9/11

From yesterday's Special Report roundtable, Charles Krauthammer on the FBI's uncovering of the plot to attack transit tunnels under the Hudson River running into New York City, the press, and no attacks since 9/11.

The big mystery here is in two months we're going to be at the fifth anniversary of 9/11. There's not a person I know who would have expected we go one year let alone half a decade without a second attack. And because of our patriotic press, we now have some idea of how it was done. Tracing the money, tracing -- listening on in their phone calls and also having the bad guys, the big, the leaders of the bad guys in secret prisons getting interrogated, under difficult conditions, shall we say. With all of that has been exposed in our press, it explains to a large extent why we have not had a second attack.

It's not an armistice, and it's not an accident, it's good work on our part, however our sources and our methods are now in jeopardy as a result of that.