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Iran-North Korea: Missiles 'R' Us - Peter Brookes

Iranian presence at North Korea's 4 July missile test was confirmed by Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, Chris Hill, in Senate testimony today. This should come as no surprise as the Iranian Shahab missile is based on the North Korean No Dong missile.

Unfortunately, it's most likely that the Iranian were there not to see more launches of the unsophisticated short-range SCUD or the medium-range No Dong, which is essentially already in Tehran's arsenal, but to see North Korea's new intercontinental range missile, the Taepo Dong II.

While the Taepo Dong II launch fortunately failed, Iran's presence at the test site demonstrates an ongoing security relationship between Pyongyang and Tehran--and Iran's interest in an ICBM-range missile that could someday be mated with a nuclear warhead to threaten the United States.