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Hillary's Secret '08 Election Strategy Revealed!

The only interesting part of Lois Romano's frontpage rehash of voters' doubt about Hillary Clinton in this morning's Washington Post comes at the very end:

"She will define herself, and we will have the money to do it," said one close adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because Clinton has forbidden those close to her to speculate publicly about 2008. "People have to get to know her, know that she was once a Republican, that she's a big Methodist. . . . That will happen."

With quotes like that it's no wonder Hillary has forbidden her people from discussing 2008. This is idiotic on two levels. First, despite the obvious hubris of the Clinton crowd, Hillary still has to win the Democratic primary. Last time I checked, she wasn't particularly well liked by the folks who do the nominating, so letting that crowd know that Hillary's general election strategy is to promote her credentials as a former Republican and "big Methodist" is hardly going to help her.

On the other hand, the idea that centrists and independents are somehow going to be swayed by the claim that Hillary was "once a Republican" is laughable. You mean for a few precious pre-pubescent years in Park Ridge in the 1950's? Right before she went off to Wellsey, Yale Law, campaigned for McGovern, worked to impeach Richard Nixon, and married Bill Clinton? I know advertising is powerful, but it ain't that powerful - I don't care how much money she has.