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Hillary vs. Howard

Here is a fascinating piece from the New Republic on the rivalry between Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton.

A clip:

Dean and Clinton--the Democratic Party's two power centers--find themselves locked in a struggle for intraparty supremacy. Each camp considers the other's political strategy fundamentally flawed. Dean loyalists dislike Clinton's stance on Iraq and her cautious approach to leadership, and they also fear she is too polarizing a figure to win a general election. Meanwhile, Clinton partisans doubt Dean's competence in managing the DNC and believe him to be just the sort of antiwar, elitist, left-wing Democrat who will scare off white middle- and working-class voters.

Most interesting is that the Clinton folks are basically building a parallel party structure to totally supplant the DNC during the 2008 campaign.

While I think there's a lot to be said for Dean's 50 state strategy -- as I've mentioned, I think the Dems need to be looking seriously at the interior West -- I'd bet on Clinton in this fight. She's going to be all-but-unstoppable in the primaries. The Democrats would be smart to stop her. But they won't be able to.