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Half a Brain

Admittedly, this isn't politics-related, but the July 3 New Yorker has a remarkable piece on an operation called a "hemispherectomy." It seems one can live with just half a brain, i.e. one hemisphere. Sometimes you might remove a hemisphere because of a tumor, sometimes because it grows larger than the other half of the brain.

Basically, you can function close to normal physically and suffer no loss in intelligence. The article's a good read, too.

OK. You want a political angle? It seems it's better to remove the right hemisphere of one's brain than the left.

Draw whatever conclusions you will.

(And, if you're asking, "What do they put in place of the brain they remove?" ... well, they've tried sterile ping-pong balls. But, apparently, the brain's own drip of cerebrospinal fluid fills the cavity just fine.)