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Good Question

Mary Ann Sieghart uses the details of yet another gruesome honor killing to pose the question, "What right have Muslims to claim moral superiority?"

Rarely does a news story bring tears to the eyes. But when I read the account last week of the murder of Samaira Nazir in an "honour killing" (surely an oxymoron), I nearly wept. Here was a bright, articulate graduate who had her throat cut, was stabbed 18 times by her brother and cousin because she wanted to marry a Muslim man whom her family had not chosen.

The details were particularly horrific. Her mother stood and watched as she was murdered -- how could any mother do that? Her two nieces, aged just 2 and 4, were forced to witness their father stabbing her, close enough to be spattered by her blood -- how could any parent do that? She screamed for help and neighbours saw her blood-soaked arm emerge briefly from the front door, but their attempts to intervene were rebuffed.

Sieghart's beef: "it is peculiarly galling for Westerners constantly to be dubbed "immoral" by Muslims, to be treated as if Muslims occupy the moral high ground while the rest of us swim in a sewer of moral decadence." I suspect many would agree with her.