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I know this is a bit late, but just to return to the topic of flag burning -- I know it's a popular one -- here's Scott Adams's take (yeah, the Dilbert guy):

It seems to me that the great thing about the flag is that it symbolizes something inherently indestructible: the concept of freedom. You can burn the flag as many times as you want and the concept of freedom is not only still there - it's stronger. I like that about my flag. I would go so far as to say it's my flag's best feature.

I wouldn't mind if Congress were considering changing some other feature of the flag. For example, if they wanted to represent Rhode Island with half a star, I could get behind that. But I'd hate to chip away at my flag's freedom feature.

Adams's Dilbert Blog often delves into politics -- or, well, politics-like topics. Worth checking out.