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Dems Not Closing the Deal, Part I in a Neverending Series

Voters don't like Republicans right now, but they don't much like Democrats either.

The Wall Street Journal takes a look at public opinion coming into the midterms:

The Journal/NBC poll shows that Democrats have made little progress in improving their party's standing. The party's favorability rating, 32% positive and 39% negative, is as unflattering as the Journal/NBC survey has ever recorded. The Republicans' standing, now 33% positive and 46% negative, is near the party's record low.

The Journal's conclusion? 2006 may well hinge on local issues: "The 14% of voters who remain undecided in congressional races are especially interested in local issues. By 41% to 25%, those undecided voters say performance in the district will be most important to their vote."

(via The Note)