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Cutting in Line

The conservative editorial page of the New Hampshire Union-Leader blasts the Dems' decision to slip Nevada in ahead of them on the 2008 schedule:

IN THE NAME of diversity, the Democratic Party is trying to strip political influence from grassroots Democrats and hand it to party insiders and special interests. Hence the party's move on Saturday to schedule a Nevada caucus before the New Hampshire primary in 2008.

Nationally, Democrats hate the idea of independent New Hampshire voters having such a prominent role in choosing the party's Presidential nominee. Why, they might not vote the party line!

New Hampshire primary victories led to the unseating of two Democratic Presidents: Harry Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson. New Hampshire voters brought Gene McCarthy to prominence, voted for Paul Tsongas over Bill Clinton and pulled the rug out from under Howard Dean. Their votes cannot be controlled or anticipated, and that is unacceptable to the party brass.

So a convenient argument was concocted: New Hampshire voters are too white and too wealthy to be trusted with picking a President. The Democrats have to put the little guy back into the process! [snip]

Diversity? No, this is about recreating, to the extent possible, the old smoke-filled backrooms, where powerbrokers, not actual voters, choose candidates. Good of the Democrats to show just how hollow their populist rhetoric is.