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Colbert's Genius

Drudge links to a Palm Beach Post article on Stephen Colbert's wickedly funny segment with Congressman Robert Wexler that aired last week. For some reason I've never watched Colbert's show (though I still tune into Jon Stewart with some regularity), but I happened to catch the segment while channel surfing. The entire thing ran about five minutes, and it was one of the funniest pieces of television I think I've ever seen. Pure genius.

I had hoped the entire thing would turn up on YouTube at some point, [UPDATE: The full segment is up and available on YouTube here] but I see that someone has posted only the last 1:32 of it - which is still well worth watching since it includes the hilarious, if uncomfortable part (for Wexler) where Colbert goads the Florida Congressman into talking about cocaine and prostitutes. Enjoy.