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A Liberal Take on WA-8

Joni Balter of the Seattle Times analyzes the race between Republican Congressman Dave Reichert and Democrat challenger Darcy Burner this way:

Many of us think the 8th is solid Republican because the representative from the district has been a Republican since the district was created. But the 8th is a swinger -- supporting Bill Clinton twice, Al Gore once, John Kerry once, Democratic Gov. Gary Locke, but also Republicans such as Slade Gorton and Dino Rossi.

Burner has been a Microsoft manager and businesswoman -- I like that -- but she has a minimal political résumé. Her political experience amounts to serving as president of the Ames Lake Community Club where she lives near Carnation. She counters with, "That's not what I am running on. I am running as a businesswoman and a mother."

In her head. Certainly candidates have risen to the people's House with limited political experience, but candidates usually need a beefier résumé than super mom, head of a homeowners' association and businesswoman.

Still, the more I think of this race, the more I think Burner might be the right candidate in the right place at the right time. [snip]

This race is still leaning toward the sheriff [Reichert]. But it no longer makes sense to readily dismiss Burner. She may win because Democrats, Republicans and independents in the 8th have had enough of Bush policies, so much so they decide to take a chance on an unknown and unproven Democrat.