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Watching the Teachers Unions

If you aren't reading Mike Antonucci's Education Intelligence Agency Communiqués on American education -- especially keeping tabs on the nation's teachers unions -- then you should be. You can sign up to have it delivered, if you're obsessed like I am.

His section on ridiculous rules in teachers contracts is particularly delightful, for those of you who follow the issue and long ago realized that teachers unions' interests are diametrically opposed to those of children (and often to those of teachers, as well, especially charter-school teachers).

The June 12 Communiqué has a bit on the current scandal in New York, where the state teachers union (New York State United Teachers) took payments from financial giant ING Group to steer its members toward ING's investment funds. Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Eliot Spitzer gave NYSUT a slap on the wrist. He's accepted donations from the union in the past, and will likely recieve their help in the near future.

My colleagues at the New York Post editorial page have a bang-up editorial on the whole kerfuffle here.

Union politics as usual in the good old Empire State!!!