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Waiting for Vermont

No decision again today from the Supreme Court on the Vermont spending-limits case.

Rick Hasen's Election Law blog notes the passing of time and notes that Thursday is the next opportunity for opinions.

Hasen also notes speculation as to which justice might be writing the opinion:

Marty Lederman just called me with the following observation. He notes that Justices Kennedy and Breyer are the only Justices who have not authored opinions from the February session (in which both the Texas and Vermont cases were argued). Marty says that anything is possible, and there may be multiple opinions, but his guess at this point is that Kennedy and Breyer are each the lead author of one of these opinions.

Pure speculation. Generally speaking, Kennedy would be OK news (would rather it be Scalia, as, well, always) and Breyer would be very bad news. But, of course, this is again 100% speculation. And not even my own. It's speculation passed on twice on the Internet. You should probably forget you even read it.