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Turn Up the Radio

Who here remembers the Washington state radio case? Everyone should, because it's the front-line of the war on speech in America. In short, the outcome of this case could set a precedent where speech on the radio -- by radio hosts speaking their minds -- would be considered a "campaign contribution" under the law.

That means it could be regulated, limited, banned, fined, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam.

I wrote about the case here for the N.Y. Post, back in July of 2005.

The anti-gas-tax campaign that was at issue is done and gone (the bad, pro-tax guys won in November), but the court case is still kicking around, with the Institute for Justice, as ever, bravely leading the charge against government oppression. IJ gives a summary of the case here, with links to amicus briefs by the ACLU, the Washington State Association of Broadcasters and others.

Nothing less than the First Amendment is at stake here, and in all fronts of the War on Speech (a.k.a. "campaign-finance reform"). Keep your eyes and ears open. Because there're a lot of people who want your mouth closed.