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The Queen of Saboteurs - Larry Kudlow

NY TIMES.jpgThe New York Times is doing one heckuva job underming U.S. national security.

The Gray Lady's latest attempt to thwart the men and women charged with the vital task of unearthing terrorists, and capturing them before they steal any more innocent American lives, came last night when, against the repeated requests of the White House, the paper went ahead and revealed yet another classified program designed to gather information used to foil terrorist attacks like 9/11.

The saboteurs at the Times provided secret details into the Bush administration's use of subpoenas to gather large troves of data from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), a Belgium-based consortium that handles international bank transfers. Financial data is used to identify terrorists before they get a chance to kill. It is an eminently sensible program, and one that has reaped rewards.

In one instance, the SWIFT program was used to capture a top Al Qaeda operative, Riduan Isamuddin, in Thailand in 2003.

The folks running the printing presses at the Times don't seem to care about any of this. They went ahead and made the determination that the SWIFT program was "a matter of public interest."

Gabriel Schoenfeld, the editor of Commentary magazine, had this to say about the New York Times in an interview with The New York Sun:

"They're courting prosecution...They're increasingly behaving like if we were in the middle of World War II and they learned of plans to invade Normandy. Because they decided it's a matter of public interest, they'd publish it. I think this is reckless and likely to encourage Attorney General Gonzales to prosecute them, if not for this story, for some of the other things they've done."

The New York Times is blinded by its hatred of George W. Bush. And, because of this, these boneheads compromise the lives of all Americans.

The Gray Lady has become the Queen of Saboteurs.