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The Most Essential John Kerry

From this morning's Note, John Kerry summarizes the state of the current Democratic Party:

Trying to battle the naysayers, Sen. John Kerry told CNN's Anderson Cooper last night that Democrats are "unified on the most essential ingredient, which is the failure of this administration, their lack of honesty with the American people about what is really happening in Iraq. We're unified about the fact that you need to begin redeployment of American forces now. I think there is a unity in moving in a new direction."

First the bold: Yes, being unified on the general concept of thinking the Bush administration has screwed up is the "most essential" issue facing America today. Very inspiring. It's a wonder how he lost in '04.

Now the italic: This simply isn't true. If there were unity about "redeployment" (a.k.a. retreat), there wouldn't be a debate on the Democratic side. They'd each come up with a figure (1 month, 8 months, 3 months), average them out, and there's your Democratic resolution on Iraq. There's actually disunity, most prominently featuring the party's likely '08 standard bearer.

It is truly amazing watching the Democrats do all they can to throw their best chance at taking back Congress in 12 years.