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The Edwards Juggernaut?

Okay, so the title is a bit hyperbolic, but the new Iowa poll showing John Edwards leading the pack of Dem presidential hopefuls does represent, I think, the first time any Democrat has beaten Hillary in a '08 primary poll thus far. It also reminded me of a couple of emails I received in response to a post I wrote a couple of months ago about Hillary's chances. Here is a sample:

I haven't talked to one activist Democrat--not one!!--anywhere in America (and I'm pretty well connected and talk politics all the time) who thinks Hillary will win and will support her nomination. This is both pragmatic and ideological, but mostly the former.....Right now she's a money/hype machine, but I don't think she'll last past the end of March. Look for a name you haven't mentioned who will get strong labor and black support--as well as have a funding base--to give her and Warner a run from the left (but not the hopeless left, like Feingold): John Edwards.

The Iowa poll really says more about Hillary's potential weakness than it does Edwards's strength. The fact that Democrats in Iowa continue to be skittish about her candidacy (to be more accurate, her electability) is yet another possible warning sign for Hillary.

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