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Rudy's the One

Over at The American Thinker, they're wondering why Charlie Cook is so damned quick to write Rudy Giuliani off as a contender in 2008.

Unsurprisingly, our good, anonymous friend over at Giuliani Blog is asking the same question, too.

While I won't be so quick to cast aspersions on Mr. Cook's impartiality as some, I think the storyline that Rudy can't win is over and done with. All indications are that the right-wing of the Republican Party is quite fond of Giuliani and quite, shall we say, less-than-enamored of John McCain. OK, here's a better way of putting it: They despise McCain. Especially down in South Carolina, where a Rudy-McCain primary could be decided.

There is simply no justification at this point for not taking Rudy extremely seriously as an '08 candidate. He may choose not to run. He may be too far left for the Republican base. But if you're going to take McCain seriously, you're going to have to take a guy the Right likes a hell of a lot better than McCain seriously, too.