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Rudy Red and Blue

Which New Yorker currently thinking about making the jump to the national stage has the most solid backing from their home (blue) state? Well, we all know Gov. George Pataki's at the bottom of the list... But who's at the top?

It's: Rudy, with 61 percent in a new Q-Poll saying he'd make a good president. Hillary comes in a distant second in (I repeat, blue) New York, with 49 percent saying she'd make a good president. Next is New York City's Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with 47 percent. Bringing up the rear, with an embarrassing 25 percent, is the Gov.

Rudy's at 86 percent among just Republicans in New York -- Republicans who, unlike the rest of the country, know all about his social positions.

But remember folks: He could never, ever win.