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Rove Gives Paper the Vapors

From the looks of this editorial, the good folks at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette appear to have come down with a case of the vapors over news of Karl Rove's non-indictment:

Sometimes it feels like there's no justice. That's a sentiment likely to be shared by many Americans in the wake of this week's announcement that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has decided not to charge top White House aide Karl Rove in his investigation of the Valerie Palme leak case.

The feelings of frustrated justice are not just partisan sour grapes, although some of that certainly exists among Democrats who were prematurely convinced of Mr. Rove's legal complicity. The truth is that disappointment might be felt by any fair-minded person who remembers what exactly was at the heart of this case and who was involved. [snip]

Mr. Rove may yet be called as a witness in Mr. Libby's trial -- as perhaps Mr. Cheney will too. Unfortunately, as we have lamented before, the trial won't occur until after the November elections, so whatever is learned there won't inform the voters in time. Optimism is limited in any case. For all his vaunted independence and thoroughness, Mr. Fitzpatrick doesn't seem to have achieved much.

In the meantime, Mr. Rove is pictured smiling like the cat who swallowed the canary. And who can say he is wrong? Yes, sometimes it feels like there's no justice.

Liberals were so heavily invested in the frog-march fantasy, I can understand their disappointment in getting a big lump of coal for Fitzmas.