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RFK, Jr.'s Other Motive

A reader emails to suggest RFK's real motive for reviving the "we wuz robbed in Ohio" meme: to smear Ken Blackwell, the Republican candidate for Governor:

I saw the guy [RFK, Jr.] on Cavuto and, aside from coming away with the impression that the man is seriously unhinged (Al Gore, you have a soul brother), I couldn't ignore the huge number of times that he uttered the name Ken Blackwell; this in spite of Neal's consistent attempts to bring him back to his allegation. Now, we know the Dems possess a severe idea deficit, but can it be that they believe the only way they can win the Ohio governor's race is to create a non-scandal like this one. My answer to this was to unlimber the checkbook and stroke one for Ken's campaign, even though I live in Virginia.

There is certainly a great deal of truth to this. Why revive a story eighteen months after it's been thoroughly debunked? Because it's five months before the next election, of course. RFK, Jr. does make a valiant effort in his Rolling Stone piece to portray Blackwell as the head of the conspiracy to defraud Ohio voters.

As Robert Novak wrote recently, African-American Republicans are the Democratic Party's worst nightmare, and among the number of impressive black GOP candidates in the running in major races this year, Blackwell probably has the greatest chance of winning. The implications for 2008 are also not lost on Democrats. Ohio is almost certainly going to be a pivotal battleground state in the Presidential race - if the not the pivotal battleground state as it was in 2004 - and control of the Governor's mansion will unquestionably help their chances. If the race is as close as last time, it could be enough to make the difference.