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The HomoseXual Agenda

The loving Christians over at Focus on the Family (Dr. Dobson's non-partisan, non-profit, non-political political soap box) have some harsh words for the current X-Men movie (which it turns out is part of the "homoseXual" agenda):

From the perspective of the [comic book] series, people were to be judged not by the condition of their genes but by the content of their character. Cruelty and persecution were deplored, kindness and brotherhood affirmed. Anyone who's ever been picked on for being different (and how many of us know what that's like) could testify to how precious these themes can be.

Again, though, even such a positive message as this can be distorted -- and has been.

Case in point: Homosexuals have embraced X-Men as a metaphor for their experience, seeing themselves as persecuted victims of a society driven by no more than fear, ignorance or bigotry.

That's right. Tolerance is great and all, Jesus said. Just not for the queers.