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Political Video of the Day

Since Web video has gotten so much better recently, particularly through YouTube I've found, we're going to try something new: the political video of the day.

I'll be scouring the Web some myself, but I'd most love nominations sent in by you, the readers, of the funniest, most informative, most interesting politics-related videos making their way around the Web -- or, as of yet undiscovered. You see a particularly hard-hitting campaign ad? Send it in. A really bad ad? Send it in. An interesting clip from one of the Sunday shows floating around? Send it in.

To: ryan-at-realclearpolitics.com

Today, we're going to start off with the Frontline special aired last night, "The Dark Side," about Cheney's role in the War on Terror. This is the first clip of 10 up at You Tube. It also looks like PBS is going to post the whole video here soon. (Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan)

It's PBS, so the politics are certainly slanted the way they're slanted. But, from the clips I've watched (haven't seen the whole thing yet), it's fairly gripping.

A Washington Post chat with the producer appears here.

Again, send those videos in to:


There will be a heavy preference for YouTube and other formats that can be embedded in a blog posting, as well as videos that can be downloaded.