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Oh, Canada!

Sobering email from a reader in Montreal responding to my post this morning on border security and Canada's passivity toward Islamic radicals:

As someone with close friends who work in the Canadian refugee system, I can tell you with great assurance that you're correct to worry about Canada's chronic laxity in regards to Islamic radicals and other foreign militants on Canadian soil. If anything, it's almost worse than you describe, since it's become an institutional problem, and not just a purely political one.

It will be very difficult - politically, legally and logistically - for Canada to remedy this state of affairs. Even the Stephen Harper government, with all the best intentions - and I have no doubt he shares these concerns and takes them seriously, far more so than his liberal predecessors - will find it difficult to do, particularly while he is constrained by his government's minority status. I suspect it will take a crisis to create the conditions for dealing adequately with the problem.

Let's hope not.