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Notice to Disappear

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune ran a jaw-dropping report on the catch-and-release program of non-Mexican illegals entering the country that included this:

Non-Mexican immigrants aren't pervasive, accounting for about 10 percent of the apprehensions, the remainder being Mexicans, said Josiah Heyman, an anthropology professor at the University of Texas at El Paso. Last year, 165,175 non-Mexican immigrants were arrested, and 114,912 of them were released, Border Patrol figures show.

If I'm doing the math correctly that's a release rate of 69.5%. It's very difficult to disagree with T.J. Bonner, the president of the union of Border Patrol employees, who decried this as a "failed policy" and a "national embarrassment."

Meanwhile, the Boston Herald has an equally disturbing report this morning that begins:

Police officials statewide are decrying revolving-door treatment of illegal immigrants they are forced to release when overwhelmed federal authorities fail to take action, a Herald review found.

Even in cases when cops verify a person is illegal, police chiefs say their officers often can do nothing because federal immigration agents with the power to detain them are seldom available to respond.

"It's out of control," Wakefield Police Chief Rick Smith said. "A lot of them (illegal immigrants) are running around gainfully employed and it's tough to get a handle on it. We have to operate within the rules."

We really have gotten to a point where the issue of illegal immigration needs to be addressed, and Republicans in Congress deserve credit for grappling with the issue despite the fact it is causing a very tumultuous debate and exacerbating a split within their party during an election year.