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More Warning Signs For Lieberman

In a new Quinnipiac poll out this morning, Joe Lieberman's lead over fellow Democrat Ned Lamont among likely Democratic primary voters has slipped to 15 points. Among all Democrats Lieberman's lead over Lamont declined from 46 points last month (65-19) to 25 points this month (57-32) .

Also of concern for Lieberman: his approval rating among Connecticut Democrats is down to 49 percent, which is an 11-point drop from the May 2 QPoll (it's at 56% overall). His favorability rating among Democrats also took an 8-point hit, dropping to 40%.

Froma Harrop profiles the Lamont campaign in her column this morning and concludes with the following:

The second big question is: What will Lieberman do if he loses to Lamont? Some think he will run as an independent, as which he could pick up conservatives who wouldn't be voting in the Democratic primary. Whatever, Connecticut voters are in a raw mood, and that does not bode well for the senator many call "Bush's boy."

Harrop is in luck, because the Quinnipiac poll posed the question about Lieberman running as an Independent in the general. The result? Lieberman (I) 56%, Lamont (D) 18%, Schlesinger (R) 8%.

Lamont is still a long shot, but at the moment he's a long shot with "joementum." If the trends we see in the QPoll continue, things could get very uncomfortable for Lieberman.