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More Good Advice for the Dems

Forbes' Rich Karlgaard on the Democrats and the Kos media boomlet:

Democrats will never win as a "screw them" party. In U.S. politics, the party that captures the moral high ground and frames the debate in optimistic terms generally wins. The Roosevelt, Truman and J.F.K. coalition did exactly that. Clinton's eight-year-interregnum of optimism succeeded against the fatigue of Bush 41 and the cynicism of Dole ... never mind that Bush and Dole were war heroes and honorable men, and Clinton was a rascal. Clintonism's best apostle was never Clinton; it is Tony Blair.

But to the Kos crowd, Clintonism, the DLC, Tony Blair and the whole tradition of Truman-J.F.K. strong defense and democratic intervention is one big sellout -- Republican lite.

It would be one thing if the Kos crowd made its arguments from a Gandhi-esque moral high ground. But they don't. Callousness and moonbat conspiracy mongering animates their foreign policy ideas. Jealousy rules in economics. Revenge will be the order of the day if these haters actually win. But I don't think the Kos crowd will win. "Screw them" doesn't sell in America. Never has. Never will.

If you're Karl Rove, you can't wait to pin the Kos tail on the Democratic donkey this fall and in 2008.

Running Joe Lieberman out of town is not the answer to the Democratic Party's problems.