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McCain Gets Loopholed

Usually when incumbents craft campaign-finance regulations, they stack the deck in favor of, well, themselves. And as far as winning reelection to the House and Senate (or whatever state office is in question when state laws are crafted), they're pretty much on the mark.

This amusing Boston Globe story, however, reports how McCain-Feingold is helping Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney outflank other Republicans competing for the 2008 presidential nomination -- including one Sen. John McCain:

Since July 2004, Romney has set up affiliates of his political action committee, the Commonwealth PAC, in five states. By having donors spread their contributions across the various affiliates, Romney has been able to effectively evade the $5,000-per-donor annual contribution limit that applies only to federal committees, which most presidential aspirants set up to build initial support for their candidacies.

The multi-state system is helping Romney raise money quickly from relatively few contributors, and foster valuable political relationships around the country. It also is a strategy several potential opponents for the Republican nomination cannot use: Federal office-holders, under new campaign finance rules, are barred from operating such state affiliates.

How long could it possibly be before McCain calls for the closing of yet another loophole?