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Mark Warner's Map Changers

I just got this in the (e)mail minutes ago from our friends at Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC. It's a contest where people can vote on which candidates the PAC will give money to.

In this round, voters are (s)electing 10 candidates, each of whom will receive $5,000 from Forward Together PAC. Then there will be a final round, and one lucky candidate will get a fundraiser with Mark Warner himself.

Note, however, that the contest rules refuse to get involved in contested Democratic primaries, or primaries with late filing deadlines (which may become contested, I suppose).

Here's what the PAC sent out:

Dear Ryan,

The 2006 elections will be an opportunity for Democrats. For the first time in many years, Democrats have a strong chance to win majorities in both houses of Congress. Forward Together PAC has already contributed to more than 50 campaigns in more than 30 states. Now we are opening up the process.

You can help us choose the next group of candidates we'll support. We are looking for fresh faces with fresh ideas - solutions-oriented Democrats with a focus on the future - candidates who will help us change the political map. Which candidates are you supporting? Come to the Forward Together Web site and vote for the ten candidates you believe should be Mark Warner's Map Changers.

To be eligible for the Map Changers contest, a candidate must be a Democratic challenger running for Governor, the U.S. Senate or the House of Representatives. We are not taking sides in any contested primaries, and did not include candidates from states with late filing deadlines.

This round of the Map Changer candidate contest will run through June 29th. The top ten vote getters will each receive a $5000 contribution from the Forward Together PAC, and advance to the final round. The ten finalists will compete for the Grand Prize - a fundraiser with Governor Warner. Vote today: http://www.forwardtogetherpac.com/mapchangers

Thank you,

Mame Reiley
Forward Together PAC

It's an interesting bit of outreach from DLC Dem Mark Warner to the netroots. (Is this from the brains of Warner Internet strategist Jerome Armstrong?) He's certainly making quite a play.

[Also: If I had to guess, the grand prize winner is between Jon Tester in Montana (a must-win Senate seat for Democrats this fall) and James Webb in Virginia (an it'd-be-really-really-nice-to-win Senate seat for Democrats this fall).]