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Mark Warner's Internet Bubble Boy

Mark Warner's Internet strategist (Kos co-author Jerome Armstrong) appears to have a shady past touting bum stocks on Internet message boards, according to a story in the New York Post (Kaus says the Times broke it first, in the black hole known as TimesSelect, a.k.a. TimesDelete).

I guess the comparisons of Mark Warner to BluePoint (read the article) are inevitable. Kos & Co. were certainly giving an overly warm welcome to Warner, a (gasp!) centrist Democrat, last weekend at lefty-fest YearlyKos -- which has caused some degree of consternation in some quarters.

Armstrong seems to go as far as he can in the Post article to deny the SEC charges, without violating his agreement with the SEC that he ... not deny the charges.

My only problem with the Post story? It didn't ask Armstrong: Where would you turn? How far would you go? How hard will you fall?