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Lieberman's Tin Ear

Kevin Rennie, a former Republican State Senator from Connecticut who now writes a weekly column for the Hartford Courant, responds to my post earlier today about Lieberman's troubles:

I've thought for weeks that Lieberman does not understand how much his fellow Democrats have come to loathe him here. His first attempts at a fightback have been incoherent. His ads are flaccid attempts to paint Lamont as a Republican in disguise. And this "Greenwich millionaire" theme rings hallow. Lieberman has always courted Greenwich millionaires and would probably like to be one himself.

The odd thing is that Lieberman is showing such a tin ear. His first ads were mournful. I hear he has no stomach for putting some rough stuff on the air.

The premise of the Lamont campaign has been they could win if they were within 10 a week before the August 8th primary.

There you are.

Rennie wrote that Lieberman was in trouble back on May 21. His latest column looks at the dismal turnout expected for Connecticut's August 8th primary - another factor that could work in Lamont's favor if his campaign runs a sharp GOTV effort.