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Hadji Girl: The Aftermath

Little Green Footballs posts the "Hadji Girl" video (of a Marine singing about an ambush in Iraq and using a little Iraqi girl as a human shield) that is causing such a stir. YouTube apparently has removed the video "due to terms of use violation," as the message on the Web site says. (This is very bad policy on YouTube's part. If it's going to be a useful source of news and information it can't censor.)

The conservative closing of ranks over this incident is perhaps understandable. A large segment of the media wants to use incidents like Abu Ghraib and the alleged crimes at Haditha to undermine support for the Iraq war.

But this video is at best bad PR, and at worst a bit sick. Yes, as LGF points out about 10 times, the song's lyrics make it clear that the insurgents kill the little girl in question -- but why is this lyric a big laugh line?:

So I grabbed her little sister and pulled her in front of me.

As the bullets began to fly

The blood sprayed from between her eyes

And then I laughed maniacally

There's a difference between pre-judging Marines who are over in Iraq risking their lives for blowing off a little steam with some very dark humor and thinking that the American war effort doesn't need any more black eyes at home or on the international stage.

The Marine in the video did the right thing by apologizing. That should probably be the end of it. But if we're in a PR war as well as a hot war with the Jihadis, as a broad consensus on the Left and Right agrees we are, it's not an unpatriotic or "blame the troops" mindset to find incidents like this disturbing and in need of some corrective action.