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Giuliani Time

The New York Daily News somehow seems to have gotten the crazy idea that Rudy Giuliani is running for president:

Rudy Giuliani's political action committee's mission is to help elect Republicans - but right now, the prime beneficiary appears to be Rudy himself.

The vast majority of the $141,389 spent in May by Solutions America went to building up the former mayor's own political operation as he ponders a run for President in 2008 - including $35,000 on private planes to shuttle Giuliani staffers around the country, records filed yesterday show.

"It indicates that he is putting together a skeleton political operation of his own, and paying for the staff he needs to get it done," said Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf.

Other bills paid by Giuliani's PAC included more than $30,000 on fund-raising consultants; $25,000 to reserve the posh Four Seasons restaurant for a Solutions America fund-raiser last June 13; $19,500 on the PAC's Web site, and nearly $10,000 to Giuliani's former speechwriter.

The only outside contribution by the PAC - which describes its sole mission on its Web site as helping to "elect Republican candidates dedicated to finding responsible, common sense solutions" - went to Republican state Sen. Jeff Lamberti of Iowa, a key presidential battleground state.

Well, gol-ly! You think so!?

The CW that Rudy isn't going to run, or can't win the GOP nod, is going to collapse completely by the end of 2006, I predict. Rudy will run, and he can win. (I'm not saying will, mind you, but can. There's no structural reason he can't win).

And, no, I haven't just imbibed the Kool-Aid being served over at Giuliani Blog, but if you're interested in the '08 race -- and particularly a certain mayor -- you should be reading it. It's one-sided. But that's its charm.

(P.S.: Some wiseacre from Camp McCain seems to have purchased "John McCain Ringtone" ads at the top of Giuliani Blog. Nice touch.)