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'Fitzgerald Called. Case Over'

That's the message that popped up on Karl Rove's Blackberry as he prepared to take off to New Hampshire on Monday afternoon, according to Anna Schneider-Mayerson's interview with Rove lawyer Robert Luskin the New York Observer. Luskin also has some choice words for Truthout's Jason Leopold and the unseemly role the lefty blogosphere played in spreading lies about his client:

The weekend Mr. Leopold's story went online, Mr. Luskin said he had "mainstream-media reporters calling me saying, 'I'm embarrassed to make this call, because I know this can't be true--I've covered this story, I understand the process, I've got my sources--but my editors tell me I need to call and ask, "Is there any truth in this?"' "That is a function of the tension that there is now between the mainstream media and the blogosphere. On the one hand, it seems to me that the CBS National Guard stories were the poster child for the principle that sometimes the blogosphere keeps the mainstream media accountable, and it seems to me that this story is, if you will, the poster child for the fact that the blogosphere is itself often not accountable, and that there are a universe of folks out there who have got personal or political agendas who were masquerading as news sources. That is just as destructive in its own way, or more than the mainstream media's insularity is on the flip side."

The "Anti-Rathergate" is not a bad characterization of Truthout's role in the affair, especially since Leopold and his boss Mark Ash continue to cling to their now thoroughly discredited story of a Rove indictment much the same way Dan Rather did (and probably still does) cling to his belief in the forged TANG documents.

I see Ash and Leopold have now moved on to the diabolically insane gambit of trying to resurrect their tattered credibility by questioning Luskin's:

The entire basis for the information that "Rove has been cleared" comes from a verbal statement by Karl Rove's attorney. No one else confirms that. As Karl Rove's attorney Robert Luskin is bound to act - in all regards - in Rove's best interest. We question his motives.

Truly and utterly pathetic.