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Covering the Kos Kids

The Yearly Kos Convention has attracted all the big name journalists who have filed stories this morning:

A Mixed Bag of First Impressions by Democrats at Blog Rendezvous - Adam Nagourney, New York Times

Net-Savvy Democrats Aim to Pack a Digital Punch - Ron Brownstein, Los Angeles Times

Bloggers' Convention Draws Democrats - Dan Balz, Washington Post

Democratic Rivals Woo Liberal Bloggers - Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Democrats court influential bloggers
- Scott Shepard, Cox News/AJC

Even the foreign press is in town for the event: Top politicians pay homage to king of bloggers - Paul Harris, The Observer

In local coverage, Lawrence Mower of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports on Howard Dean's speech. And Launce Rake of the Las Vegas Sun has a piece from yesterday on Wes Clark's speech.