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Cheating Bush Out of 6.8%

ABC News stretches the boundary of the word "approximately" in this story on Newt Gingrich:

With mid-term elections coming in November and Bush's approval ratings at approximately 30 percent...

Actually, Bush's most recent RCP average job approval rating is 36.8%. I suppose the authors of the ABC News story could be referring to the last ABC News/Washington Post poll - taken nearly a month ago, by the way - which had Bush at 33%. Theoretically, they could also be referring to the new CBS News poll (also 33% job approval) that came out last night.

But every other poll taken in the last month- eight of them, in fact - has Bush at 35% or higher, including a new USA Today/Gallup poll that has the President at 38%. So I suppose, given the new standard offered by ABC News, we could also characterize Bush's approval ratings as being at "approximately" 40%, though I suspect it's highly unlikely you'll find anyone in the MSM rounding up in favor of the President.