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Hillary Clinton is hiring Peter Daou, author of Salon.com's Daou Report. He was also director of blog operations for John Kerry's 2004 campaign.

Daou has a post announcing it here.

In particular, Daou talks about the importance of "closing the triangle":

Since launching the Daou Report in December 2004, I have written extensively about a 'triangle' comprised of the traditional media, the political establishment, and the blogosphere. I have argued that "closing the triangle" (i.e. enhancing the connection between the three entities) is imperative for the Democratic Party and the progressive netroots. My thinking on this issue is informed by my experience directing blog outreach and online rapid response for the Kerry-Edwards campaign.


Which brings me to the point of this blog post: I have been offered - and accepted - what I believe is a unique opportunity to help close the triangle: joining Senator Clinton's team as a blog advisor to facilitate and expand her relationship with the netroots.

That's all well and good. But what does the closing of this triangle mean for the independence of the Left side of the blogosphere (and for the Right when the same situation arises)?

I'm not sure I have an answer, but in the wake (or, is it still going on) of Kosola, people seem to have a lot of questions about what it means for there to be a free flow of bloggers between the journalistic and consultant worlds.

And, pace Kos, the concern isn't just old media types and conservatives wanting to destroy the lefty blogosphere. But when consultants are working with bloggers behind the scenes and collections of blogs are actively working to coordinate their "message" (ahem, Townhouse), then how do you tell a blog from a tentacle of a larger activist machine?

Maybe that's the point. The Left would certainly ask, how do you tell any given conservative writer from a cog in the vast right-wing-conspiracy-slash-noise-machine?

So, more questions than answers here, I guess.

But congrats to Daou. Hillary certainly needs the help with the netroots.