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Anti-Americanism and Hewitt vs. Campos

Yesterday morning on RealClearPolitics we posted a column by Paul Campos of the Rocky Mountain News in which he attacked Hugh Hewitt, Glenn Reynolds and Peter Beinart for what he calls a "Rose-Colored View of History." Later in the day, Hewitt had Professor Campos on his radio show for a lengthy interview, which is well worth reading in full on RadioBlogger.

One comment I found interesting is Campos's assertion that "no country is inherently, morally superior to any other country." This is not an uncommon sentiment among many on the left who for some reason are repulsed by any attempt to elevate the moral status of the United States. But it is amazing to me to see someone as intelligent as Campos (not someone before this interview I considered a wild-eyed lefty) make an assertion that is so obviously wrong and lacking in common-sense.

The United Sates isn't or wasn't morally superior to Nazi Germany? Or Stalin's Soviet Union or Mao's China or the Taliban's Afghanistan? Or today's theocracy in Iran or Kim's dictatorship in North Korea? I mean come on. His comment is ridiculous.

I've written about this before, but one of the greatest liabilities the Democratic party has today, especially in the politics of a post-9/11 world when we are at war and where the average Jane and Joe American rallies unapologetically around the American flag, is the blatantly anti-American attitudes so prevalent on the left. It is just a killer liability.