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A P.S. on the Washington State Radio Case

OK, I'm a bit obsessed, but this has to be noted. There are two parties who have especially not distinguished themselves in this assault on free speech in Washington state:

1) Superior Court Judge Chris Wickham has twice upheld this egregious assault on free speech, twice turning a blind eye to the fact that this lawsuit constitutes little more than raw intimidation by one side in an initiative campaign against the other. He's a small fry in the legal system, and the important issues here will be decided by far bigger fish -- but because of his lack of respect for the First Amendment, the damage was already done in the I-912 campaign last year.

2) The Washington state press, and specifically the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, have behaved atrociously throughout this entire fight. The P-I ran editorial after editorial in favor of the gas-tax initiative, yet somehow felt its advocacy shouldn't count as a contribution while that of two conservative radio hosts on the other side should. The paper even wrote at least one snarky editorial to that effect. (I questioned the P-I's editorial page editor on his logic in this column last year ... I found it less than convincing.) I'm on the opposite coast from Washington state, so I could have missed the papers out there rushing to Wilbur & Co.'s defense. But I doubt it. It seems that if it isn't their ox being gored, they can't be bothered to exercise their First Amendment rights to speak up.