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A Kos-ola Timeline

Over at NRO, Jim Geraghty posts a "Kos-ola" timeline, noting payments by Democratic candidates to the netroots and the netroots' subsequent supportiveness.

Basically, I'd say this shows nothing particularly fishy. It's the same catch 22 that comes with think tank funding. Do Cato Institute scholars say what they say because the think tank gets some money from the oil industry, or are they ideologues and the money flows to where the thinking is friendly? The fact that people who think alike support each other shows very little.

It's this most recent case, with the netroots suddenly being so friendly to DLC centrist Mark Warner that should be (and, well, is) raising some eyebrows.

(Also, if you click through to NRO, you might see the Solutions America PAC -- i.e. Giuliani 2008 -- banner ad.)

UPDATE: Kaus weighs in here.