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Markos Mole-itsas?

Is Markos Moulitsas a mole for the Hillary Clinton primary campaign? I have to ask on account of this piece on the Washington Post op-ed page today. Because, you see, the surest way to guarantee a candidate's election is to put them on the side opposite the Kos Krowd.

Kos waxes poetic about "Howard Dean's transformational campaign," where:

Even as the establishment mocked Dean and his supporters ("like a scene out of the 'Star Wars' cantina," laughed a rival campaign aide), his army of hyper-motivated supporters organized across all 50 states. This movement exploded onto the national scene when Dean began reporting dramatically higher fundraising numbers than his opponents.

Of course, we all remember Dean sweeping the primaries and triumphantly taking the oath of office as national health care rained down upon ... oh, wait. He came in third in Iowa, let out the yearrrrrrrrgh heard around the world and went onto a Mondale-esque defeat at the hands of JFK II and pretty-boy John Edwards.

Let me go out on a limb here: There is nothing Hillary Clinton worries less about in life than whether the folks over at Daily Kos think she's liberal enough.

In fact, in true Clintonian fashion, she could likely not be more delighted at being the target of the far-left's rage. The more they hate her, the more the rest of America will get the impression: maybe she's not that bad.

Kos suffers from the typical ideologue's delusion: My party loses when it doesn't do enough of what I want. It's a tempting delusion, found on both the Left and the Right, for sure. And it's not entirely without truth. Parties and candidates have to stand for something. If you look like you're just sticking your finger in the wind, the voters notice, and they don't like it. It doesn't mean they won't elect you -- it certainly doesn't mean that -- but they won't respect you.

The fact is, however, elections are typically won in the center. If Hillary gets knocked out in the primaries, it will be in favor of someone even closer to the center -- not someone out in Kosland.