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Cole Gets "Hitch-slapped"

Goodness gracious, it's time to introduce a new verb to the blogosphere vernacular. You can be "fisked" or you can be "Hitch-slapped," which is what happened to Juan Cole in this piece on Slate last night (the one that everyone is talking about) and again on Hugh Hewitt's show earlier this evening. Here's a taste from the beginning of the interview:

Hugh Hewitt: Why don't you tell people what's going on here?

Christopher Hitchens: It's a blog war. Well, some of your listeners may know of Professor Cole of the University of Michigan. He is acclaimed, at least by himself, expert on matters Shiia, particularly, and he also says he's fluent in Arabic, Persian and Urdu. And for all I know, he is. But he's 10th rate, and he's a sordid apologist for Islamist terrorism, and for Islamist terrorist regimes.

You will not want to miss the rest.