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The War in Ohio

Walter Shapiro reports on his recent sit down with Senator Mike DeWine:

During our interview, I asked DeWine whether he intended to campaign with the president. DeWine gave a little laugh and said, "Time will tell. We'll see." And then the senator retreated to his boilerplate formulation that "this campaign is between Mike DeWine and Sherrod Brown." A few minutes later, as we were exchanging farewell handshakes, DeWine said, "It's going to be a fun race." And then the Republican senator, with an engaging penchant for honesty, paused and added two nervous hedge words, "I guess."

DeWine's race may or may not be fun, but it's almost certainly going to be close. Rasmussen is out with a new poll today showing DeWine narrowly leading Sherrod Brown, 43 -41, which is about where this race has been since Paul Hackett dropped out in mid-February - and probably where we can expect it to stay for some time barring some big event. According to SurveyUSA's tracking poll, after a glitch in February DeWine's approval rating has rebounded modestly to 48% (disapproval 41%) which is more or less where it's been for the last seven months.

In the Governor's race, Rasmussen has a new poll showing Democratic Congressman Ted Strickland extending his lead over Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell to 17-points, 52% to 35%.