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Attacking Mom

I found myself sucked into this profile of Caitlin Flanagan by Gina Piccalo in the Los Angeles Times. Here's the hook:

Mention New Yorker writer Caitlin Flanagan to a certain class of woman -- liberal, educated, media-savvy, professional -- and vitriol will almost certainly follow. She's been called "a retrograde feminist-hater," "shrill, smug and condescending," "an Old World elitist of the most lip-curling kind" even "the most repellent person in the world."

That's because in the five or so years she has written on domestic life from her Los Angeles vantage point -- on its being "laughably child centered," on the "epidemic" of sexless marriages, on her belief that "when a mother works, something is lost" -- Flanagan has aimed her intellect and razor wit directly at upper-middle-class working mothers.

Wait until you get to the part about the dead gerbil. Read the whole thing.