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More on Duke's Culture of Rape

At the end of last week I wrote about the uproar that has engulfed the Men's lacrosse team at Duke over charges that three players had gang raped an exotic dancer at an off-campus team party. Here is a perspective on the incident from an undergraduate at Duke, that comports with other pieces of information we have received on this story.

I am a junior at Duke and read your site everyday, sometimes multiples times a day. I think you provide a great public resource. I just wanted to update you with some of the developments on the Duke men's lacrosse case. The entire situation is a surreal event, like something out of a Tom Wolfe novel. My fraternity brothers have started referring to it as "Bonfire of the Varsities". The District Attorney is white, unpopular, and up for re-election in May. He stated initially that he had "no doubt" that a rape occurred, but now will not publicly release the DNA test results from the state lab. Further, there was an article in the Friday Herald-Sun which raises doubts about the timeline of events that night.

Meanwhile, a Duke student was assaulted this weekend at a popular off-campus restaurant, and there was a threatened gang drive-by shooting of the lacrosse house on Buchanan. The residents had to leave and an email was sent to the entire campus to be on alert. The activists have continually tried to intimidate the administration, protesting outside the house of President Brodhead and Provost Lange. Most appalling, some professors have participated in the protests.

I have sensed a real mob mentality among the demonstrators, and I doubt many of them care about the truth or the victim. The fact is there are many people that desperately want this to be true, because it reinforces their preconceived notions. The statements about the "culture of rape" and others of that sort bear absolutely no resemblance to the Duke I know and love.

I would also like to relay a rumor that I have heard from a number of people who know members of the lacrosse team. I have no way of proving it, but it seems like a plausible possibility. A member of the team solicited sex from the alleged victim for $300. She agreed, but later backed out for some reason.
When the team member demanded his money back, she declined, and then requested $1500 or else she would claim she was raped. This would fit with the fact that she left the party, but was then convinced come back in the house.

I still think it is possible that the Lacrosse players are guilty, but, and I think I speak for the majority of Duke students in this regard, we just want justice to take its course without these guys being convicted in the media.
Every member of the team has had their life dramatically altered, and they deserve a fair trial, which I don't think they will be able to get in Durham due to the passions of the community and the excessive media attention.