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More on Duke

From another reader:

I am a frequent reader and also a Duke law student. I'd like to expand the discussion on the DA, Mike Nifong. What none of the national papers are reporting is that Nifong is locked in a tight re-election battle in the Democratic Primary which is May 2nd.

The county is nearly 50/50 in terms of blacks and whites but Nifong (who is white) is running against a white female (Freda Black) and an African-American male (Keith Bishop). The thinking goes (as in all Southern politics) is that Black and Nifong will split the white vote thereby giving Bishop a lock on the black vote.

Further, Freda Black is far more popular than the recently appointed Nifong because she was the lead prosecutor on the Michael Peterson case. Nifong though because of this incident (and his decision to be on TV and in the newspapers virtually everyday) has won alot of support in the African-American community and has significantly raised his visbility. His decision to even to delay the release of the results until April 10th smacks of even more of a politicial motive.

While I do think these guys may well be guilty, I can recognize a political witchhunt when i see one. Nifong knows that in Durham County, the way to get tons of voters is to beat up on Duke. I may be new to Durham (only a second year law student) but I know for a fact that Durhamites (blacks and whites) hate Duke.